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The Utah Trauma System Plan and Trauma Registry are designed to help policy makers, health care providers, and community organizations establish and evaluate a coordinated approach to trauma care and prevention. The plan allows local hospitals to determine what level of resources they wish to provide to their community. Ultimately, the goals of the Utah Trauma System Plan are to:

Reduce mortality and morbidity from traumatic injuries through a comprehensive process that encourages the cooperation and coordination of all health care providers.

The Trauma Registry allows the Utah Department of Health to assess system needs, evaluate system performance, establish guidelines, identify trends and conduct feedback.

The Trauma Registry will eventually incorporate prehospital as well as rehabilitation data. Current feedback reports available to all hospitals, include aggregate data and are tailored to meet the needs of each hospital participating in the Utah Trauma System. The ultimate goal of this data collaboration is to better define what resources are needed to provide optimal care of the injured patient within an appropriately designed and funded statewide trauma system of care.


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